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MTS | Main Testing Station for NVD
[Code: TR.MTS]

MTS | Main Testing Station for NVD

A routine checkup is required in order to ensure that any equipment is fully functioning and without harm, before, during and after operational use. This is highly important when dealing with NVDs. The Main Testing Station performs any type of required tests to determine the condition of a given NVD. The Main Test Station is autonomous and can be operated at any maintenance center. It performs checks for- collimation, distortion, resolution, luminance gain, optical defects, as well as additional factors.

Various Types of Tests and Measurements
Laboratory and Field Grade
Autonomous and Portable
Battery and Electrically Operated
Suitable for Various Types of NVDs
Mil-Std Compliance

Output Luminance Level
Continuously variable from <0.05 mfL to >1.5 mfL
Collimators Focus
Diopter Scope Range
+5D to -5D
Resolution Target
Standard USAF 1951
Distortion Target
Defines 4% pincushion and barrel distortions
Screen Quality Target
Defines three quality zones. Includes reference spots: 0.075mm, 0.150mm, 0.230mm, 0.300, 0.380mm
Collimation Target
Defines collimation limits:
+1° in horizontal and
+0.5° in vertical directions
Voltage/ Current Display
Power for Goggle Under Test
Digit readout display 3 + 0.1VDC
Goggle Battery Test Load
Approx. 50mA
AC Line (mains) Voltage
110/220 VAC
Internal Power Source (rechargeable battery)
12 VDC, 7 Ah
Battery Operational Cycle
18 hours (fully charged)
Battery 80% Recharge Cycle
8 hours (approx.)
Dimensions: LxWxH (mm)
16 Kg

Price: 0,00 €

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