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IRIL-1000M | Visible and I/R | 25.000m
[Code: NCIRIL1000M]

IRIL-1000M | Visible and I/R | 25.000m

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The IRIL series of IR laser illuminators light up the night sky for those wearing image intensified night vision devices. The IRIL 1000M is designed to reach out to extreme distances to aid in target identification and engagement from ground and air based platforms. The unit boasts adjustable beam divergence between 1.5 and 60 mrad allowing for use as either an infrared laser pointer or illuminator. Equipped with a Picatinny quick release mount, the IRIL 1000M can be mounted on virtually any rifle platform, or crew-served weapon system. With extreme long maximum ranges (approximately 25 kilometers at 2 mrad), the IRIL 1000M provides significant optical advantage to professional night operators. This is a Class IV laser product.

Visible Laser Aimer
Eye safety
Distance, high (m)
500 (night)
Beam divergence, FWHM (mrad)
Spot size @ 100m (mm)
Wavelength (nm)
532 ±10
Infrared Laser Illuminator
Eye safety
Distance, high (m)
Beam divergence, FWHM (mrad)
2 – 60
Spot size @100m, min divergence /
max divergence (mm)
Wavelength (nm)
810 ±10
Windage adjustment step (MOA)
Windage adjustment range (MOA)
Elevation adjustment step (MOA)
Elevation adjustment range (MOA)
Retention after 1,000 shots (MOA)
Mechanics, Electronics & Environmental
Dimensions (mm)
Weight without batteries (g)
Shock resistance (G)
Quick release
Battery type
1x 18650 Lithium
Battery life, high / low (hours)
2 / 4
Operating temperature range (°C)
-20 to +50 (IR) / -10 to +50 (Green)
Storage temperature range (°C)
-40 to +60

WARNING! These laser module emits radiations that is invisible and harmful to human eye.

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