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Zero Lens | Kit | Fits PVS-14
[Code: 11ZO14]

Zero Lens | Kit | Fits PVS-14
Zero Lens | Kit | Fits PVS-14 Zero Lens | Kit | Fits PVS-14 Zero Lens | Kit | Fits PVS-14

The Zero Lens is an optical alignment adapter enabling use of NV monoculars in front of day sights to add nighttime engagement capability with no shift in the gun’s zero. It’s a non-electronic, compact device allowing enhanced capability to your existing optics at a fraction of the cost of adding new stand-alone systems.
Configuring the NV device in front of the day optic is more efficient and user-friendly than when the AN/PVS-14 is mounted behind the primary sight. Front mounting allows the shooter to maintain the same position, muscle memory and eye relief with his primary sight.
The Zero Lens’ standard quick-detach mounting system enables rapid installation and removal, allowing easy transition of the NV monocular between handheld, helmet-mounted or weapon-mounted use as your operation dictates. Once set, the Zero Lens will maintain alignment between the adjusted NV monocular and the day sight when re-installed.

Robust, compact design
Simple AZ/EL adjustments
Throw lever mounting system
Does not use batteries

Optics FOV (w.3x Lens):
14 degrees
F Number:
Optical Axis Above Rail:
AZ / EL Adjustment:
0.5 MOA per click
Dimensions w/ Mount
Wight w/ Mount:
Operating Temperature:
-51°C to +49°C
Storage Temperature:
-51°C to +85°C

Zero Lens
Mini 3x Magnifier
Hard carrying case
Operator's manual
Lens cleaning kit
MIL-STD-1913 rail mount

Price: 1.100,00 €

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